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B M S - Body Mount Supporter

total camera support

total camera control

total hands free carrying around




super stable

super pan/tilt

super comfortable




variable elevation

fast action following

light & easy to use

This is a body mounted support system for photo and video cameras which gives you a two hands total control on your cameras and a long time steady camera shooting without arms and shoulders pain.

Lightweight and rigid aluminum construction gives you an easy, fast and comfortable use. It fits for almost any body size.

This is the best and the most efficient camera support system on the market. It is an one time investment for many years of use. It is designed for heavy and long time cameras use only.

BMS setup example

Handheld + Monopod + Tripod = BMS

For photo and video cameras

BMS is best for these lenses

Differences between the BMS and the others




Body Mount Supporter.

For professional sport and wildlife photographers and videographers

Flexible as handheld - Stable as on tripod


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DSLR Supporter





All accessories are on one supporter, best for instantly photo and video shooting.


Turn the moving arm to the back side and put it on your left shoulder to have it held on your shoulder and make it feel much lighter on your arms for stable shooting need.


Lightweight and rigid aluminum construction.


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L T M H - Laptop on Tripod Mount Holder

Direct record to your laptop computer - Tapeless record - No tape change need - No capture after shot - Edit right away after shot.

This is a holding system for your laptop computer which is mounting on your tripod. No tool need for mounting. Fit from 13 to 17 inches laptop.

It is fast, easy, strong and compact holding system for your use when you need to record your video to computer directly without the need to record on tape first. It saves you time to capture the video to your computer before you can edit it.

( Many video editing applications are able to record footage into the computer directly without the need of a tape. For example: Adobe Onlocation, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Avid Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro and etc. )

Warning: This LTMH is not good for those laptops which the firewire ( IEEE 1394 ) connection is in the front side of it.

Please notice some laptops can not open up flat 100% like the one in the images here.

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